Project Management Consulting

The team Algorithm Tech helps organizations to deliver their services and products in the most efficient manner with its all-inclusive support.

Business Analysis

Analyzing something is the first step towards improvement and change. The team Algorithm Tech understands the dynamics and structure of client’s company and tries to make sense out of the current problems, processes, standards, people management, etc. The team identifies potential improvements and recommend the most relevant, feasible and future-proof solution that helps organizations achieve their goals. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge to its credit, the team is capable of identifying and articulating the need for change. Effective communication, strategic implementation and continuous evaluation are keys.
We Embrace What We Propose.

The team Algorithm Tech’s delivery solutions and change management strategies evolve with time. We do change in terms of our approach, skills, knowledge, experience, practices and perspectives to make ourselves relevant to our customers’ changing requirements.

A Well-Informed Client Is A Successful Client. We Measure Our Success Based On The Success Of Our Client.

Program & Project Management

We Fulfill Program And Project Management Needs Of Organizations.

The team Algorithm Tech focuses exclusively on different dimensions of program and project management such as relevance, schedule, cost, risk, quality, etc. The team makes sure to implement efficient project management strategies into the workflow of our clients’ business and also keeps checking new, advanced and better tools for the project and program management to contribute to the overall success of a business.

We Apply Our Skills, Tested And Proven Methods And Advanced Tools To Facilitate Powerful Project Management That Moves The Organization Forward.

We Help Your Project & Program To Deliver The Expected Value.

This Is How We Make It.

Our team plans project and program management with accuracy, and helps companies to establish more productive processes by maximizing resource utilization and human smartness, while assessing risk and bringing forth a comprehensive quality control system. We understand that an effective project and program management is essential for the strategic alignment of a business. Every strategy of a business shall align to its short-term and long-term goal framework. We work for this. Besides, the team makes sure to carry out continual monitoring so as to make sure that a project is going according to the plan. The team also creates reports as well as dashboards so that our client’s team remains on the same page with the requirements of project and status of program.

Our efficient handling of the project and program management allows companies to save their valuable time, manage their human and technological assets in the right way, save costs and make things streamlined. The team makes sure that projects are delivered on time, every time with the collaborative approach.

Algorithm Tech’s End-to-end Project And Program Management Service Helps Organizations To Make Better Decisions.


While our team makes sure that PMOs operate in the right way, it also ensures that the right projects are selected for the organizations. Our comprehensive PMO and EPMO solutions help projects, programs and portfolios run across the enterprise spontaneously.

The Algorithm Tech Advantage :

  • Our PMO and EPMO professionals can help to improve strategic alignment between the projects and business.
  • Their efforts revolve around the idea to build greater leadership buy-in.
  • They help clients to optimize company’s resources and portfolio.
  • The team provides clear understanding to the key decision-makers of a company about what is happening within project portfolio.
  • Our people who have spent years in executing efficient projects of clients are able to create, implement and maintain accurate and well-timed governance framework.
  • The accountability, responsibilities, and mechanism for every project and program are conveyed to all employees of our clients.
  • Effective and transparent communication, coordination and collaboration across our team members are our core strengths. We share knowledge with each other and we teach things to each other. With every project, we take a leap of excellence. This happens while managing risks.
  • We focus on hitting the long-term goal.
When Delivered Within Budget, On Time And Within Scope, Every Project Contributes To Organizational Goal.

Change Management

The Measure Of Business Intelligence Is Its Ability to See Change As An Opportunity.

Change Before You Have To. Our Team Will Help You Navigate.

In this business world, to change is to grow, to change is to transform and to change is to stay competitive. Isn’t change the only option then? It is. When an organization is reluctant to the idea of change, it turns stagnant and falls behind the competition. With time, its presence in the market becomes irrelevant.

Don’t Let Your Business Be Overtaken By Circumstances. We Will Help You To Implement The Right Change Management Strategy.

  • 1. Take the best and the right advantage of opportunities.
  • 2. Adapt to a crisis.
  • 3. Adopt a new technology and make the best use of existing ones.
  • 4. Facilitate mergers and acquisitions in a way that contributes to organizational growth and success.
  • 5. Manage costs and take necessary measures to cut expenses.
  • 6. Adapt new behaviours and norms essential for the transition.
  • 7. Facilitate seamless transition so that day-to-day operations remain uninterrupted.

Making a significant change in an organization without proper change management strategy in place is like navigating through the path without a map. Algorithm Technologies provides a critical structure for change management so that organizations can achieve the desired results.

  • 1. Identifying things which will be improved. They can be a product, process or even an outcome.
  • 2. Presenting an actual case to the clients or stakeholders and providing plans that require time, efforts, teamwork, patience and commitment.
  • 3. Outlining the change management project or strategy by identifying clear steps with measurable targets and incentives.
  • 4. Resource identification and data evaluation. Rethinking priorities and practices.
  • 5. To plan and execute the right change management plan, it is important to maintain transparent, effective and regular communication among those who are associated with this plan. The two-way communication structure supports seamless change.
  • 6. Monitoring and managing risks, resistance and dependencies.
  • 7. Continuous improvement because even a change management plan needs to change with time.

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Data Science and Solutions & Agile Delivery

We Know How To Implement The Latest And The Best Data Science Solutions.

Our Data Science Solution Advantages :

  • 1. Increased sales.
  • 2. Improved efficiency.
  • 3. Well-managed risk.
  • 4. Seamless business transformation.

Business Priorities Change. Customers’ Demands Change. New Technologies Emerge. Agile Methodology To The Software Engineering Process Helps To Embrace This Change Efficiently.

We bring agile practices to the evolutionary software architecture development to help our clients gain a competitive edge and also create the products or services that set the industry standards. The team Algorithm Technologies rapidly responds to the changes and adapts to new plans so as to keep delivering high-quality products and services efficiently. With a customer-centric approach, we adhere to a value-based prioritization.

We use our unique Agile delivery framework equipped with values, principles and practices which help our clients in their transition to the agile way. Not only businesses, but their customers also get benefited with the agile delivery because they have more substantive experiences with the companies which fulfill their needs.

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