Website Development

One of the most valuable intellectual properties of any brand is its website. There are three common responses to a website design & overall development – No, Yes & Wow. The last response is the one to aim for. Our perfectly curated website development action plan adheres to the step-by-step approach.

Establish Goals

To create a user-friendly, dynamic and conversion-oriented website that accomplishes what our clients want, we need to establish what we all are trying to achieve. The next step is to measure progress to make sure we are on the right path. Insightful discussion with our clients allows us to clearly define how websites add value to the business and thus simplify the process. Our entire website development team is involved in the goal setting so that everything makes sense to everyone. A two-way open communication is the part of our culture.


This part of website development shall include every element needed to help visitors to navigate through the site with ease and take some real actions. Viewers like to interact with an attractive design. Our team understands client’s vision and mission, and the ultimate goal; accordingly, it creates the design of high quality. A unique, responsive user interface that facilitates clear navigation, compelling graphics and easy to read text is essential for increased user engagement and conversion, customer retention and acquisition. Simple, functional and intuitive User Interface helps brands to minimize errors, doubts and unwanted actions on a website. UI acts as a bridge between the website and the user; it requires detailed understanding of UX/UI design, creativity, programming languages and other skills. With years of experience and endless challenging projects to their credit, our team is equipped with everything needed to create an enterprise-level UI design that works best for your brand.

Speed and Performance

People want quick results. Speed is certainly a deciding factor because users have many sites to choose from. If it takes longer time, users might not form good perception about the brand; they may lose interest and leave the site, which is not your goal. Good speed and performance increase traffic that includes everything from conversion rate, bounce rate, and the percentage of purchases. We create speed and performance goals based on which our further steps are formulated.

Working frame

The next step is selecting appropriate form of equipment and framework after taking into consideration unique business goals and requirements. Algorithm Tech team has in-depth knowledge and experience about frameworks, along with various other programming tools. We know only complex tools can solve complex website problems. The expertise, experience, knowledge and skills of our programmers are going to affect the overall development of the website. There is no substitute for brilliance at Algorithm Tech. Appropriate selection of working frame empowers our designers to focus on building unique features for a website. It also saves time and results in improved efficiency in getting a project done faster. It can be applied across the whole website with ease.


Continuous growth is key to sustainability. A long-term plan that starts with a basic business model, tends to expand in the future. Our team considers long-term business goals when they begin any web development project so as to apply necessary migration changes to the system and thus create a highly scalable website which retains existing clients and also helps to attract new ones. Scalability is a critical factor for frameworks, programming languages and load balancing between different servers.

End-To-End Safety And Security

Securing digital information while ensuring usability of data for business purposes and protecting end-user privacy, is important. Our well-designed safety and security approach helps to reduce risk and enables brands to respond quickly to threats, sudden surge in website traffic, etc. Our team of developers considers all possible security measures such as multi-factor authentication, etc. during the whole development process. We know your investment in your business means a lot to you; protecting your brand reputation is at the core of our efforts.

Comprehensive Website Support

Regular website maintenance is an evident necessity for a business that aspires to increase its footprints and expand outreach. Our technical team is equipped with brilliance, innovative technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, to update website, improve its speed if needed, fix HTML errors, back-up files, apply SEO strategies, review website analytics, and render immediate support to ensure your website fulfills its purpose.

It Is The People.

To render real service that allows our valued customers harness the power of cutting-edge technology, our team must add something which cannot be measured – sincerity and integrity. We do not design websites for the sake of designing, but to get things done. Our team is our strength. Ours is a collaborative approach which allows us to compete globally and speed up the process of making mark with a remarkable website. Our strategies, approach, and dialogues are just right.

Team Algorithm Tech is on a mission.

We all value our customers, understand their vision and the challenges they face and propose the most workable website development strategy which contributes to their goals.

Our seasoned website development professionals are ready to start insightful dialogues with your team to understand your requirements and work out a solid plan.

Algorithm Tech’s Website Development Service Includes

1. Domain Hosting

2. Standard Website

3. WordPress

4. Joomla

5. Drupal

6. Shopify

7. PrestaShop

8. WooCommerce

9. Open Cart

10. Magento

11. Custom Website

12. Search Engine Optimization

13. Digital Marketing

14. Website Redesigning

15. Website Maintenance

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